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Almost all babies like taking a bath, splashing with water, catching the bubbles from the shampoo and enjoying the time spent in a tub. As usually all children demand entertainers while taking a bath, such as toys. As a caring parent you need to know that not all toys are good to play with in a tub. So, what toys should you choose to let your baby play with them in water and what toys are forbidden strictly to be taken to the bathroom because of the hidden danger for the safety of a child?

What is necessary to remember first of all? Never give your child the toys which can sink in a tub, even if those playthings are the favorites of your kid. As soon as the toy goes under the water, any child will want to get it back, so there is a danger that a baby can put its head into water and will get really scared or even choke with water at worst. Give your preferences to the toys which are made of materials able to stay on the water surface. Don’t forget to check the durability and safety of the toys before buying them in a store. Not durable toys are just a waste of your money. There are many bathroom toys available on mothercare vouchers.

The next point for consideration is the sanitation measures about the toys to play with in a bathroom. Before giving the toys to your child, take them all together and wash well in a hot boiled water to kill all the microbes. Baby’s skin is so tender at early ages that sometimes it cannot resist the attacks of bacteria; moreover don’t forget that babies like to put everything around them to their mouth, so the toy will be the first object to be tasted. Keep in mind that despite the fact that your child’s toys are always in water, they still need to be cleaned after taking them out of the tub. Some toys can absorb water; everybody knows that constant damp is a source of different bacteria and various kinds of fungus, which is harmful for health. So after finishing the process of bathing, take all toys out of water, rinse them out the running water to get rid of the soap and dry well before giving them to your baby to play with again. 

And in conclusion, always supply your kid with the educational toys. A baby needs to stimulate its brain and learn the new things about the world around it even in the bathroom. Don’t ignore the chance to acquaint your baby with the life around with the help of the toys. They are the first teachers for a child.

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